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About Josh

Before we begin, I want to be straight up. Here are some things to expect when working with me:

  • I totally geek out about training design and delivery. This is what I do for fun!
  • I care about your training as much as my own.
  • I won’t blow smoke up your bum. If I love something, I’ll let you know. If not, I’ll let you know.
  • I only work with experts. If you can’t do it, we can’t unpack it.
  • I expect you to be as committed as I am.
  • I have an ego that lasts for approximately 15 seconds. Then I move on.
  • I move really, really fast.
  • What makes me good at my job is the quality of the people that I work with and learn from.

Josh regularly delivers leadership training for the following organisations:

Working Together

Everyone loves learning from a Rockstar trainer!

Sure, they personally get the results we desire for ourselves, but its more than that.

It’s the new awareness they make visible to us. It’s the exciting journey that they take us on. It’s the revolutionary mindsets they install in our heads. It’s the world-class resources they share. It’s the inspiring network they connect us with.

And it’s the consideration they have put into making all this happen.

I support expert coaches & trainers who are in the pursuit of consistently achieving training excellence. To do this we scrupulously pore over every piece of training technology to ensure it’s as lean as possible and that everything offered fits together into one holistic and interconnected system.

“Every piece of training technology fits together in one holistic system”

Sometimes we preserve, sometimes we invent, sometimes we improve. Regularly, we discard. It’s more than a training program. It’s a work of art!

Together we construct the delivery narrative to make sure that everything is received and implemented by clients in exactly the way it was intended. We are the gate keepers who can gift our audience with achieving the specific kind of excellence they desire.

It’s our job to hand them the right key in the opportune moment. Whilst it is their responsibility to walk through the door, it’s our duty to make the path as easy and effortless as possible. And when they do walk through, the result will be so instantaneous they’ll think its magic!

“It’s more than a training program. It’s a work of art!”

The last piece of the puzzle is keeping you at the forefront of your niche. To do this, we’ll increase the delivery flexibility of your program, and leverage your current responsibilities to create space for your next level of genius. A highly functioning team of Rockstar coaches and an expanded product offering is the answer.

In no time, your program will effortlessly transform from a 45 minute speech to a weekend event to an online automated product, and your coaching team will be replicating your results, keeping you in the loop, and enjoying every step of the journey.

And you will be able to exercise the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

Prepare for a massive upgrade

Working with Rockstar Trainers is a creative and thought-provoking partnership that will inspire and resource you to reach new levels of training excellence. You’ll design like an artist, deliver like a magician and grow as the expert in your niche.

If you’re not experiencing the kind of success you want, and you think we might be the right team to help, book an IP Jam Session, and let’s chat.